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To apply for a loan we require a minumum of the following documentation or information:


1. Identification

We require a minimum of one of the following documents for identification.

  - New Zealand Passport

  - New Zealand Driver's Licence.

 2. Proof of income

  - We require a minimum of one of the following documents for confirmation of income:

  - Current Wage-Slips or letter from employer

  - Current Bank Statement showing income

  - Letter from WINZ

For a self employed applicant we require the prior years' Financial accounts

 3. Proof of address

HOME OWNERS we require a copy of the Land Rates, Statement of Mortgage and preferably a copy of the Valuation New Zealand value.

NON HOME OWNER we need to see a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and a copy of the most recent Power or Telephone account. If the borrower has been renting for less than twelve months at the current address then we would need to see the Tenancy Agreement from the previous address.

If Boarding then we need to see a copy of the owner's Land Rates or Tenancy Agreement together with a Letter from the owner or head tenant confirming the arrangements. This Letter needs to state how long the applicant has resided there, how much board is paid.

4. Security

  - VEHICLE. Ownership Papers, Insurance Policy and the original Bill of Sale

  - PROPERTY. Latest Rates notice, and Insurance documents

  - SHARES. FIN and PIN along with computershare registry statement.

  - INSURANCE POLICY. Policy document along with surrender value statement.

  - CHATTELS. A chattel listing is required to be carried out by our valuer.

5.Application form

A completed and signed (or authorised if using electronic communication) application form is required.


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