Get a Personal Loan for a Car Purchase

Cars have become a symbol of our fast paced, modern lifestyle. They are made using light-weight aluminum, often containing space-age alloys, and come in a variety of types, from SUVs and sedans to multi purpose people movers. The choice in colours also seem infinite while the same could be said about choice of fuel type (are you a petrol head? Perhaps an eco conscious electric vehicle enthusiast or even a futurist interested in hydrogen powered vehicles).

By the same token, they are also an essential tool and mode of transportation for New Zealanders to get around. Very few jobs or destinations are accessible in a timely manner by public transportation or through cycling and walking. Often vehicles are a need rather than a luxury. The SPLNZ team understands this and can help you through the process of buying a car with a personal loan. 

Taking the Headache Out of Vehicles Loans

Getting a car loan is often a difficult decision and process, let alone selecting the right car with the features and style you are looking for. Our team has been helping kiwis for over 20 years with vehicle loans that are competitive and low cost. Let us help you today with our simple and straightforward online application process that takes just 2 minutes.

Loan for Your First Car?

Nothing screams freedom to a young person like getting their first car. Oftentimes this will involve understanding and getting car finance to purchase that first vehicle. Our team can help you to unlock car financing for that car purchase while understanding the loan conditions and terms. 

Time for An Upgrade?

Unlike a first time car owner who is looking for a reliable, well priced econobox, you might be wanting to upgrade your existing vehicle. Maybe that family MPV is getting expensive to maintain or your SUV is looking a little worse for wear?  Our team can work with you to get you going in a new vehicle with a personal loan for a car. Reach out to us today by filling out the SPLNZ online application form. It only takes two minutes to complete.

Personal Loan for Car Repair?

Sometimes the most sensible option is to repair your existing vehicle. It’s no surprise that cars break down, but it’s hard to tell when cars will break down. When your car breaks down, you need to access funds quickly so that the necessary repairs can be made right away. A SPLNZ personal loan for car repair can help in this scenario. Our car repair loans can be approved quickly after completing our online application form that only takes a few minutes to fill out. Our team will then be in touch to make the funds available for that crucial car repair.

Get a Car Loan NZ

Our team has been assisting New Zealanders with car loans for over 20 years. We understand what kiwis want with in their car loans, that is why we provide competitive interest rates and a quick, easy online personal loan application process. Get the new car feeling by applying for a personal car loan from SPLNZtoday.