Congrats on your engagement! But before your mind disappears into daydreaming about your ideal wedding, here’s a statistic that will bring you back to reality: an average wedding can cost a total of $30,000, which doesn’t even include a honeymoon! Your wedding will be one of the most exciting days of your life, but also potentially one of the most expensive.

But don’t despair! By creating and using a realistic wedding budget, you can have the wedding you always dreamed of. These tips will help you stick to your budget without compromising on your dream day.

What Sort of Wedding do You Want?

Picture your perfect wedding, what comes to mind? A classic ballroom reception? Maybe a private backyard party barbecue with your friends and family? Or a Kiwi reception by the beach? identifying what sort of wedding you’re picturing is a crucial first step. This will tell you the size of the budget needed and inform where you can cut costs.

Create a Realistic Budget

By budget, we aren’t just referring to the total money you can spend on the wedding. When looking at these expenses, breaking your budget down to specific categories can be helpful

We recommend using these budget categories:
• Reception
• Ceremony
• Photography
• Wedding Attire
• Catering
• Miscellaneous

Breaking down your budget, allows you to pick which areas you want or need to allocate more budget to and gives you a better understanding of the weddings total cost. Financial talk can be uncomfortable, but remember it’s much easier to put in effort now rather than still be paying off your wedding during your fourth anniversary.

Be Careful with the When

Your wedding date can have a large influence on your budget. Getting married in the middle of the year between April and September will likely secure lower rates from typical wedding vendors as it is the ‘off-season.’ Similarly, think about the day of the week too. Many  vendors will be more than happy to cut clients a deal for a booking on a day that isn’t Saturday.

Check and Limit Your Guest List

Less is more! Especially when creating your wedding guest list. You’ll probably feel tempted to invite everyone, be it your second aunt to the guy that picks up your rubbish bin, but you should remember to work within your budget. Every extra guest raises the cost; while this might sound harsh, it’s true. A smaller, more intimate celebration is a great way to save money on your wedding expenses. Cutting people from the list can be hard to cut people off the list but this day is for you, not anyone else!

On-Budget Weddings are Possible!

Having a solid plan for your wedding budget can keep you from wasting any money unnecessarily. At SPL, we can help you fulfil your wedding dreams with the best available wedding loans in NZ. Our loans are simple to use and are even faster to apply for. Begin your marriage on stable financial footing with SPL.