Online Personal Loan Application

Many people have unexpected vehicle expenses, funeral expenses and household expenses that need to be paid straight away. These and other unexpected expenses can be paid for quickly by taking out one of our personal loans in NZ that are available online on this website. Our New Zealand personal loans offer many useful benefits that can help people pay for unexpected expenses quickly and easily. 

Apply now or view some of the benefits of our loans below! (loans minimum period 3 months, maximium 48 months)

Loan representative example: Lend $1000 repay over 52 weeks at $35 per week.

Interest rate and terms availiable on our disclosure page

Initial Application Criteria Checklist:

  • You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident / Working on a Work Visa and currently living in New Zealand.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Proof of identity by means of a Drivers Licence or Passport is required
  • Security for your loan e.g. a vehicle or property

Start Your Application Now!

A Fast Application Scheme That Is Easy to Use

We offer a fast application scheme that takes no more than two minutes to fill out completely. Completing our application scheme is easy to complete straight away because clients only need to provide basic personal and financial information to complete the application form online.

A Fast Response Time

We can process most applications for personal loans that are lodged on our website within an hour. This is possible because we use a streamlined application processing scheme that can help us quickly determine how much money our clients are eligible to borrow in one go.


Transparent Loan Terms and Repayment Options

We understand how difficult it can be to understand the repayment terms that govern most New Zealand personal loans. That is why we offer transparent loan terms that clearly describe how much a client can expect to pay for using one of our New Zealand personal loans. You can trust us to provide transparent loan terms that are easy to understand because we have the practical experience needed to help you clearly understand the terms that govern our New Zealand personal loans.

Furthermore, we offer transparent repayment options that make repaying personal loans in NZ easy. Using these repayment options is simple because they feature flexible due dates and convenient payment schemes that are easy to customise to meet your unique needs.

Superior Customer Service

Our highly trained staff of personal loan experts offers fast, friendly and professional customer service that helps clients use our New Zealand personal loans successfully. We strive to provide this superior customer service every day because we believe it is the best way to help clients use personal loans in NZ successfully.

Interest Rates

APR varies based on your creditworthiness and the type of loan you have.  If you have good credit, a good APR is easy to come by. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. The annual percentage rate on a loan is the amount the lender would charge if you borrowed the money for a year, as a percentage of the original loan. For instance, at 29.5% APR, to borrow for a year you’d be charged 29.5% of the original loan, on top of paying it back.


Personal loan interest rates

From 12.99% to 29.50% fixed p.a.*

*Your interest rate depends on the amount borrowed, your personal circumstances and credit history. The interest rate and repayment amount remain the same for the life of the loan with no early repayment fee.

Conditions, credit and lending criteria apply.

Example: A Personal Loan of $16,000 borrowed for 1 years with a fixed interest rate of 12.99% p.a. would equate to a total amount payable of $17,493.08 (including a $325 establishment fee).