Regulatory Information

One of our company values is ethical lending which is why we happily participate in the ISO scheme.

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (“ISO Scheme”) provides a free, independent service which can consider complaints about your financial service provider you may have.

The ISO Scheme is

•  Independent

•  Impartial

•  Free to customers

Its role is to resolve complaints between consumers and their financial service providers which are participants of the scheme.

You can visit their website for more information and details about the process.

Complaints the ISO Scheme can help you with include:

•  Amounts in dispute up to $20,000 or $1000 per week for a product that provides regular payments

•  Breaches of contract, statutory obligations, industry codes

•  Credit contracts (loans), mortgages

•  Financial advice and broking services

•  Financial guarantees

•  Fire and general, health and life insurance

•  Foreign exchange and money transfer services

•  Superannuation and securities

•  Do you have a complaint about your financial service provider?

Complaints the ISO Scheme cannot help you with:

•  Awards of damages

•  Financial service providers’ commercial decisions

•  Third party or uninsured losses

The ISO Scheme considers complaints within its jurisdiction and in accordance with its Terms of Reference.

The ISO Scheme’s decisions are always independent and impartial.

We are a member of the Financial Services Federation

The members (including Associate and Affiliate Members) of the Financial Services Federation (Inc.) believe that the interests of investors, customers and the public can best be served through compliance with a Code of Conduct. By virtue of their membership of the Federation members agree to abide by this Code. Members also understand that a breach or breaches of the Code of Conduct or the Rules of the Federation could result in their expulsion as a Member of the Federation.

Code of Conduct of FSF members

  1. Members will at all times be fair, reasonable and honest in the conduct of their business with their customers.
  2. Members will not bring the financial services industry or the Federation or its Members into disrepute in any of their dealings with the New Zealand public.
  3. Members will abide by all applicable New Zealand law and regulations with regard to their businesses and their dealings with their customers.
  4. Members will adhere to the Federation’s Guidelines as in force from time to time.
  5. Members will be truthful and will not do or say, or omit to do or say, anything that is, or is likely to be misleading or deceptive to their customers.
  6. Members businesses will be maintained as constructive agencies in community life.
  7. Members will not do or say, or omit to do or say anything or conduct their businesses in any way that the Disciplinary Committee of the Federation believes is inappropriate for Federation members.
  8. Members will adhere to the Rules of the Federation.