The past few years have been quite intense, so maybe you’ve been thinking about that long-awaited holiday. Whether it’s a trip of a lifetime or your simply looking to get out of town, a travel budget should be an important part of your plan. here are some top tips to help make your next holiday unforgettable; from helping build travel funds to saving while on vacation.

How can you get the Money for Your Trip?

Saving for your next trip might seem like an impossible task. However, through disciplined money management, you can build that budget up in no time at all. If your funds aren’t climbing as rapidly as you’d like, Why Not Finance offers a NZ travel loan to support your efforts.


Changing Poor Spending Patterns

Poor spending habits are one of the quickest methods to empty out your savings accounts. From a second coffee from the café near work to last night’s uber eats all the small expenses can add up fast! Tackling these small expenses is a great way to start building, or rebuilding, that travel budget up.

Creating A Separate Account

Opening a separate account to keep your savings split away from your regular spending remove the temptation to dip into your holiday savings. We suggest using an account with high-interest and minimal fees; you don’t want anything eating into your hard-earned holiday fund.

Create Monthly Budgeting Goals

Dream big but using small steps! Smaller monthly savings goals can help keep you and your family motivated to reach your target. Saving can be difficult, but with this advice, you’ll be able to build up that travel budget and turn your daydreams into a real holiday!

How to not Blow Your Entire Budget While Traveling

You might have saved enough money to travel to your dream vacation, but you don’t need to let your enthusiasm unravel all your hard work. Managing a travel budget while you’re out on your holiday is still critical.

Consider Traveling During Off Peak Hours

Travelling during the off-season is one of the travel industries best-kept secrets. Booking a vacation during the off-peak months not only means far less crowds but also cheaper rates for accommodation, travel, and activities.

Think Ahead

There are countless deals you can use to save big by booking your trip many months in advance. Early bookings will give you ample time to start banking some coinage for your trip, and often leads to cheaper flights and accommodation. Thinking and planning ahead sounds obvious, however it can be tricky to follow when in the moment. Keep in mind, the earlier you start, the longer you’ll have to build a travel budget.

Create Daily Spending Budgets

An overall travel budget is a no-brainer, but a daily budget can also help you limit your spending to appropriate levels. We suggest creating daily budgets specific to each day of your trip rather than standardised numbers.

Time for Your Next Big Adventure!

Finances shouldn’t cancel your next big dream holiday! Budgeting for travel can be difficult, but by using some of these saving tips, your next adventure may come sooner than you think.

Do your savings need a boost before your next holiday? Why Not Finance offers online loans in NZ to help Kiwis with their travel goals.