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Are you planning a wedding?  Are you attending a family wedding? It should be the most spectacular and memorable day for the bride and groom. Don't let money worries ruin the special day. South Pacific Loans has well over ten years of history lending wedding loans to families planning weddings. We help the bride and groom have the wedding of their dreams by giving you an uncomplicated loan process that enables you to contribute to their day.

Our loan will let you have a magical day that will be free from money worries, so apply now with our quick and easy application process.


Initial Application Criteria Checklist:

  • You must be a NZ Citizen / Permanent Resident / Working on a Work Visa and currently living in New Zealand.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Proof of identity by means of a Drivers Licence or Passport is required
  • Security for your loan e.g. a vehicle or property

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I/We agree that the information in connection with this finance application may be transmitted via facsimile and/or electronic mail, and I acknowledge that there may be some security risks associated with the transmission.

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Apply for Wedding Loans

South Pacific Loans is on your side. We realize that a wedding is a special occasion. It takes a lot of planning and money. The expenses might start to add up very quickly. South Pacific Loans has made it possible for the average person to apply for loans online and orchestrate their dream wedding. Our company offers couples the funds to plan their wedding, cover engagement rings, and a honeymoon. 


Perfect Credit

The fact is that you do not need perfect credit to get a loan with our company. We realize that you might lack a credit history or might have experienced financial difficulties in the past. We take into account your ability to pay the loan now. A secure online application is provided on the site. Simply supply the information required on the application. The application only takes a few minutes to complete. Hit the submit button. Your application will be reviewed quickly. After approval, the funds will be transferred to you. It is as simple as that. In about 24 hours you could have the cash for your dream wedding. Apply today.


Start the Process Now

You can cross money off your wedding to do list if you start your loan process today. This will leave plenty of time to get all your wedding plans in order. You can then completely enjoy your special day. This wedding loan will ease your burden because you will have the needed money right away. You will really appreciate having the funds to give yourself the wedding that you deserve. Once you have applied for your wedding loan the only request that you will need to fulfill will be to enjoy every aspect of your wedding.